Retailer Display, Lip Balm, 20-Tube Tray

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New and Improved! Our 20-Tube Trays feature a more eye-catching design with added gold elements. It is slightly smaller, which means it takes up less of your valuable retail space! Our displays are made from high-quality rigid cardboard, making them more durable while still keeping them eco-friendly. These displays are an easy and affordable way to showcase your lip balms and testers. *Lip balms/testers are not included with the retail display and must be purchased separately. Dimensions: 7.5" L x 5.5" W x 0.75" H All retailer displays, sign packs, and product testers have a maximum order limit of 1 unit per SKU. Since Faire does not have the ability to limit quantities, we will review and edit the quantities on these items to reflect our policy prior to shipment. **If you own multiple stores or have other valid reasoning that requires the purchase of additional units above our maximum, please send us a message to prevent any cancellation of these additional items in your order.**