Welcome Back to my Blog! News, tutorials, and more.

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Welcome Back to my Blog! News, tutorials, and more.

Hi! Welcome to the NEW Poetry Tea blog. If you've been following along with me from the very beginning, you already know that "Poetry Tea" was the name of my blog years and years ago when I was a SAHM in Poetry, TX.

This was before I even had an Etsy shop. I'd blog about recipes and birthday party ideas and life in Poetry (thus the name). Somehow, it morphed into a real full-fledged business. I dropped the actual blog and have been focusing on sewing and selling for years. But I miss it! 

I absolutely love sewing and creating new items from old linens, and I am constantly hearing from others stories about their own vintage collection. 

There's nothing more heart-wrenching then spending hours creating products for an art show or flea market and then hear two ladies talking about how easy it must be and that they have a "closet full of this stuff" at home and how they should go home and make one! 
Nevermind the months I spent perfecting my pattern, hours of digging through junk at flea markets, garage sales and thrift shops.
Time! Money! My creative juices!
But then I remembered I was one of those ladies once.... I saw a tent for sale in a catalog and decided that I needed one. And rather than spending $300 on it, I could *gasp* make my own.  
What's wrong with a maker wanting to MAKE? nothing.
So I started selling my teepee pole sets as an option at all of my markets.
That way, I could sell them something to start with and foster a creative relationship with my customers who also sew.
Buying a set of ready made teepee poles with the ropes already tied on and holes drilled has proven to be super popular! (You can buy your own in my online shop)

And now, I've decided to start sharing some insider info on my process to make things. 
All I ask is that you use my ideas and patterns for your personal use only...not to start your own Poetry Tea knock off business.
And please tag me when you post to your social media and/or blog because i really want to see what you come up with!
My very first post is a step-by-step "how to" on making your own patchwork & lace teepee. I hope you like it and are inspired to make your own! 

Ready to get started? All tutorials (including this one) can be found by clicking here:

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